"I want to impress (girl / guy / family / time traveller) with a delicious meal!! Help!"

Our range of Dinkum Oriental cooking sauces are available in convenient 250g jars at a number of IGA’s, Oriental Supermarkets and Seafood stores.

If you do not have a fount of sauce joy near you, ask for our product by name at your local supermarket.


Do you love our sauce and want enough to fill a small but conveniently placed swimming pool??

We can provide you with a variety of Dinkum Oriental products in 250g, 2kg through to 20kg packaging sizes, available direct or from a number of wholesale distributors.

We currently supply to:

Custom Sauces and Development

We do saucing your way!

A boutique sauce company, LCO Australia specialises in making Asian influenced cooking sauces. We are also a deft hand with Western & Eastern inspired flavours.

Working closely with you, along with our experience and passion for all things delicious, we have helped produce some award winning products. Mrs Macs, Danish Patisserie, Wok in a Box, Jesters Pies.

Need something brand new and fresh?

We can provide product development services, and with our years of experience we will work with you to achieve your perfect sauce recipe.

For those who are a little unsure and wanting something a little more personalised...

If we do not already have something that suits your needs, we can customise our recipes to develop a sauce that meets your flavour and manufacturing requirements.

Have your own recipe and need someone to manufacture commercial quantities?

No problem, we can manufacture your required volumes packaged in 2kg to 20kg.

Quality and Food Safety

Not just a saucy minx!

LCO Australia follows a HACCP based food safety program and is annually audited by a third party agency to ensure product quality and food safety.

We work with NATA Certified laboratories specialising in food testing and safety for our shelf life and microbiological testing.

We conduct in house pH and aw (Water Activity testing) to ensure the products fall within appropriate food safety control limits. Depending on product requirements other controls may include pasteurisation, preservatives, acidity, refrigeration etc.

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