Curry Laksa Noodles





(Serves 2-3)
1 Jar Dinkum Oriental Laksa Paste
250g Fresh Egg or Rice Noodles (or both)
125ml Coconut Milk
250ml Chicken Stock
Proteins of your choice (Chicken, Seafood, boiled Eggs, Tofu etc)
Fresh Lime


Step 1:  Heat the chicken stock and coconut milk in a pot till it begins to simmer, stir and add 250g of Dinkum Oriental Laksa Paste bring to gentle boil. Add proteins of your choice (a small chicken thigh sliced and a few prawns is always a hit) . Simmer until protein is just cooked. Turn off and place pot to the side

Step 2:  Blanch fresh noodles in boiling water. don’t over cook, drain and place in a serving bowls.

Step 3:  When ready to serve, bring pot with the Laksa to a boil, pour the broth and protein over the noodles.

Step 4:  Garnish with beansprouts and coriander to serve.

Step 6:  Ensure that you’re not wearing a white shirt.

Step 7:  Enjoy!