Vegetarian Laksa Paste

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Miss that fragrant mouth revolution? Don’t be trapped by 2 minute noodles my vegan friends when you can have the real thing!

Add some happy belly to your day, bring your favorite noodles, soy based tasty, coconut milk, fresh herbs and lime add our Vegetarian Laksa Paste and do a little jiggle wiggle

So UNITE! Join us! Viva la Vegetarian Laksa Noodles!

This sauce also contains no onions or garlic.

Contains: soy, tree nuts, gluten products.
(Produced in premises that uses): peanuts, sesame seed, crustacean products.

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Nutrition: Servings per package: 5 50G 100G
Energy (kj) 639 1279
Protein (g) 1.7 3.4
Total Fat (g) 13.1 26.3
- saturated fat (g) 1.8 3.6
Carbohydrates: Total (g) 6.1 12.3
- sugars (g) 3.1 6.3
Sodium (mg) 1487 2975