Satay Sauce

From: $6.00

You may be thinking that you’ve tasted satay before, but believe us, you haven’t experienced THIS satay. 

Our Satay sauce is the ever reliable friend that will pick you up from the police station after a beautiful encounter with a sea horse and an embankment

Stuck at home wondering what to cook? Still scrolling through your phone for the umpteenth time, undecided on swiping right on the cup of poutine? Quit it, open your fridge raid your pantry and grab the Satay, this sauce will work with (almost) everything*. 

So don’t forget about those vegetables or proteins in your fridge, whether it be as a marinade, as a stir fry sauce, on the BBQ, in the pan, over roasted, in a pie or on a burger…. This is the sauce that everyone should have in their pantry.

You try it, and it’s sure to be a crowd favourite.

*Everything edible (ie not shoes)

**Vegetarian/Vegan friendly

(Produced in premises that uses): crustacean, tree nuts

Nutrition: Servings per package: 5 50G 100G
Energy (kj) 575 1150
Protein (g) 3.1 6.2
Total Fat (g) 8.9 17.7
- saturated fat (g) 1.2 2.4
Carbohydrates: Total (g) 10.4 20.8
- sugars (g) 9.3 18.5
Sodium (mg) 775 1550