Satay Sauce

From: $6.00

Mooooooommmmm what’s for dinnerrrrrr?

Daaaaaaaadddd I’m hungry!

<internal monologue> I can’t be bothered cooking…. I DESERVE THAT RAISE, *I’m starving* … THAT COMPANY WOULDN’T SURVIVE WITHOUT ME!! ….are those vitamin C tablets expired…? </internal monologue>

Does this sound familiar? Stuck at home wondering what to cook? Wondering if air and thinking about a roast chicken is nutritious enough for those grumbling tummies? Stop, take a breath, open your fridge raid your pantry and grab our Satay sauce.

Our Satay sauce will work with (almost) everything* and takes no time to whip up a quick delicious, nutritious, meal with your favorite proteins, vegetables or seafood.

Marinade, stir fry, on the BBQ, in the pan, over roasted, in a pie or on a burger…. This is the sauce that everyone should have in their pantry.

Rapid dinner hack #1: Cut up and wash some broccoli and cauliflower, put in a bowl and microwave from 45 sec to 1 min (don’t nuke mush them)

Brown some sliced onions in a pan with oil (no onions, skip it), brown your favorite protein, once almost cooked through add 2-3 heaped tablespoons of Satay Sauce, splash of coconut milk (add a little more if you want more sauce) stir bring to a simmer, add veggies, stir through. BAM done.

*Everything edible (ie not shoes, unless tenderizer from years of dancing to the beat of your own drum )

**Vegetarian/Vegan friendly

(Produced in premises that uses): crustacean, tree nuts

Nutrition: Servings per package: 5 50G 100G
Energy (kj) 575 1150
Protein (g) 3.1 6.2
Total Fat (g) 8.9 17.7
- saturated fat (g) 1.2 2.4
Carbohydrates: Total (g) 10.4 20.8
- sugars (g) 9.3 18.5
Sodium (mg) 775 1550