Laksa Paste

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Want a taste of Asia that doesn’t require atrocious acts against humanity? Feeling that need for a delicious authentic Laksa noodle soup in the comfort of your own socks?

Then look no further, our sauce will have you sorted!

Whip up a soul warming bowl of Laksa noodles in just a few minutes with only a handful of ingredients.

M. Night Shyamalan twist, this paste + chicken pie = piercing the veil of existence into the nether realm

Contains: crustacean products.
(Produced in premises that uses): peanuts, sesame seed, tree nuts.

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Nutrition: Servings per package: 5 50G 100G
Energy (kj) 361 722
Protein (g) 1.8 3.6
Total Fat (g) 5.6 11.1
- saturated fat (g) 0.9 1.7
Carbohydrates: Total (g) 7.4 14.7
- sugars (g) 3.6 7.1
Sodium (mg) 1150 2300