Assam Sauce

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Q. Assam sauce ..wha..huh?

A. Assam sauce is a spicy and sour tamarind sauce with what everyone likes… a hint of sweetness.

Pairing perfectly with fish and seafood, a match made on a beachy island with 20 assorted strangers and a large camera and production crew.

Give it a go and bring a little spice and zest into your life.

Contains: crustacean & gluten products.
(Produced in premises that uses): Peanuts, sesame seed, tree nuts.


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Nutrition: Servings per package: 5 50G 100G
Energy (kj) 351 702
Protein (g) 1.8 3.5
Total Fat (g) 4.3 8.6
- saturated fat (g) Less than 1g 1.5
Carbohydrates: Total (g) 9.6 19.1
- sugars (g) 9.6 19.1
Sodium (mg) 980 1960